Generated List Objects

Although the concept is known as a List Connector ... the generated List objects in the connector directories are Controls designed for listing database tables. DataGrid objects are the default control for this, but other types of controls are possible. Note that this is different than a Connector, which is not a control, but is a kind of helper object that keeps a collection of controls that are being used to edit a table.

Using simple string properties or more complex (and more powerful) QCubed Query Nodes, you can add any column (even columns from linked tables) to the datagrid, and the Connector functionality will automatically take care of things like the column's Title, Html, Filter and Sorting properties.

It even comes with its own dataBinder(), and the list connector is already set up to use that as its databinder (but of course, even this is override-able). It's also very easy to specify a condition on the datagrid connector - you don't even need to define your own data bind function! Simply set the AdditionalConditions property to an appropriate QQuery condition, and you're good to go. In this example, we'll only show projects whose status is "open". Clauses such as expand can also easily be applied by similarly setting the AdditionalClauses property.

Manager's Username
State College HR SystzzzzFeb 15 2006mho Open
Blueman Industrial Site ArchitectureMar 01 2006Apr 15 2006jdoe Open