Make Your Own Plugin, Part 2: Packaging and Distributing

Now that you know how to create a plugin control, all that's left before you can share your plugin is to package it nicely, test it, and you're good to go!

See other plugins for examples of the directory structure required.

You may see some or all of the following directories in a QCubed library:

Include a composer.json file in the root directory of your control. Its probably easiest to copy one from a current plugin and edit it. In that file, give your library a type of "qcubed-library"

Create a new repository in your own GitHub account, and upload your directory to the repository. Point to your repository from your main qcubed composer.json file, and try a Composer Install command to see if your control will install. Try it out in your project and see if you can use it.

Once you are ready to give it to the community, post an issue in the QCubed Github website. One of the core developers will take a look, and add it to our list of known libraries to install. Generally, we will not move these controls to the QCubed repository, but we will point people to your repo so that you can continue to maintain your QCubed library.