About Sections 1 - 3

Sections 1 through 3 are dedicated to just the Code Generator. In order to focus on just the code generated functionality, no Form or Control components are included in these examples. Normally, a QCubed application has these, and they will be covered in later sections.

In order to illustrate what is going on in these objects, many of the examples will be printing/outputting data directly from the objects themselves. If you View Source to view the PHP source on any of these examples, you will note that these scripts will have inline PHP calls throughout the HTML. Just know that this is not normally how a QCubed application is written, so do not follow these as examples of how to write your own software. Just note that this is done here for purposes of demonstrating the Object Relational Model only.

For more information on how to better architect the control and view layers of a QCubed-based application, we recommend you check out sections 4 - 10 of the examples.