Internationalization and Translation

See the I18N library ReadMe for details on how to set it up, but it basically involves creating a translator, pointing the translator to the translation files, and setting the language settings.

The translation library has a few different modes of operation, but one popular translation file format it can read is the GNU .PO file format found at

To translate any piece of text, simply use t(xxx). Or as a shortcut, if you want to do a PHP print() of any translated text in your template, you can use the QCubed printing shortcut _t(xxx) -- this does the equivalent of print(t(xxx)).

Note that generated Forms and the Controls are all I18n aware -- they will translate themselves based on the selected language (as long as the appropriate language file exists). QCubed-specific langauge files are part of QCubed core, and exist in the i18n directories of their respective libraries. If you are able to contribute, please take the current en.po file and translate it to any currently unsupported language and feel free to submit it.

Internationalization Example

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