What time is it?

QCubed includes several simple Controls that assist with user input of dates and datetimes.

DateTimePicker is the "default" control, in that the templates for ModelConnectors for tables with date or datetime columns will, by default, generate DateTimePicker instances. While not "sexy" or glamourous by any stretch of the imagination, it offers an immense amount of utility, in that it allows for very distinct control over date, time and datetime components. By contrast, the DHTML-based Calendar control offers, by definition, no support for any time-based component.

DateTimeTextBox allows for textbox-based input of date and datetime values, utilizing DateTime's constructor to parse a wide number of date and datetime formats.

Calendar is a jQuery-based visual calendar picker control.

See also the JQuery UI Datepicker also included with QCubed.

DateTimePicker (Date only)
DateTimePicker (Date and Time)