About Sections 4 - 10

Sections 4 through 10 focus on the Form and the Control libraries. In order to focus on just the view and controller layer functionality that Forms offers, the concepts of code generated objects and components are only discussed minimally.

Any examples that utilize code generated objects (which subsequently is using the database) will be marked with a "*". If you would like more information on how these objects are generated or how they work, we recommend that you check out sections 1 - 3 of the examples.

A Note about JQuery

QCubed currently requires the JQuery javascript library to function. JQuery is a powerful addition to Javascript, makes it easy for us to implement the connection between the browser and the server, supports many browser versions and is well maintained.

We put jQuery into a compatability mode to attempt to prevent it from clashing with other javascript libararies that developers might use. In particular, instead of the $ mapping to the jQuery library, we map $j to jQuery. In other words, if you are writing JQuery code, substitute $j any time you would normally use $.

Also, Bootstrap is known to have some minor incompatibilties with jQuery UI. Our Bootstrap library implements a small javascript shim in order to fix these incompatibilities, so Bootstrap and JQuery UI should coexist just fine.