Learning the Basics

Welcome to your first Form! This example shows how you can create a few Control objects (in this case, a Label and a Button) and set their text inside. It also assigns a Click on the button to a Server action. This server action (which is a PHP method) will simply modify the label to say "Hello, World!".

All Form objects use an HTML include file -- in thise case, we define the HTML in the intro.tpl.php file. Note that there are renderBegin() and renderEnd() methods which are required to be called within the template in order to output the appropriate <form> tags, and also outputs any additional HTML and JavaScript that makes the Form work. (QCubed will in fact throw an exception if either renderBegin() or renderEnd() is not called.)

Click on the "View Source" link to view the intro.php and intro.tpl.php code, which together define this Form you are seeing.

Hello World Example

Click the button to change my message.